Dear Reader

If you enjoy this adventurous saga  and find it worthwhile, you can help fuel it. If you are pushed for time but not interest and means, fuel it by all means at:

Otherwise as you peruse this preliminary draft, or sections of  a work in progress, you might  offer me constructive, critical feedback and technical assistance. Spotting not so much typos but  glaring things of a literary nature that can be improved. Keeping questions such as the following in mind. Are the language or ideas in places  routine, contrived, hackneyed, corny, maudlin, or clichéd. Are the emotions florid?

What things could I express better? Does the saga  hold together? Do I come across as  ingenuous? Am I convincing or entertaining where I try to be? Is the story credible or far fetched in parts? Are there gross inaccuracies , inconsistencies , repetitions or unnecessary and irrelevant parts? Do I spell things out too forcefully? Do I grab you from the outset and keep you enthralled, even though the kettle is boiling over?

Is there a rhythm to the story? Does it flow

or does it plod?

And of course  you can tell others about it.