Ahoy dear readers, gather round, come right this way!

Full bore, over the top, I’ve driven into the tightest corner of my jam-packed life. 

Over-reaching myself, taken by surprise, I was felled mightily by the vicious attack. Coming back to earth, listing badly, the bleakness of utter breakdown stared me in the face.

Confined to quarters, sweating it out, I set to righting myself.

Writing about myself, straining my heavy eyes in the twilight zone,

I reflect on this long collision course.

Allow me, this maverick from upcountry, distiller of knowledge,  missionary for public enlightenment, to show you the time of my life, from hatch to match to despatch. 

I recall my ulyssean quest for the Big Picture and my crack at the Big Time.

Stalled in this last ditch but still above ground, I’m hanging in. Big Time.

Held to account, brought to book, I focus on the nature of my paralysis and the Spectre that crippled relations of my country, my profession and my mother.

Moved by a raft of kindred spirits whose essence I  distil,  explore with me, heightened by a sense of survival,   sweeping matters of identity and excellence.

Come one, come all. Join me, me hearties, on this most eventful expedition.

Exploring both deadly serious and darkly humourous sides of life.

Breaking barriers that will stay in your memory.

Come straight ahead with me or if you wish to deviate, choose the  portals of call according to your interests with all   linking up again to the main trajectory.

Each portal of call  provides access to an episode in our man’s life.

Each episodic portal can be read as a stand alone or as able to link to the others.

Manoeuvre your way around by clicking on underlined words.

.1.A Swift and Violent Event– The pedagogue,cut down in the scourge of paralysing attacks hitting the contemporary  world.

Unaware of his limits,having run himself ragged, he comes to the edge of the gyre.Never  wavering,just waving.

Recalled to life,he’s out of time.A worthless cheque, a total wreck.

Looking at things from a new angle,  the unbearable tightness of being.

Looking for the uncommon in the commonplace,he reconsiders his life so far.

It can be told in three tenses: future conditional, past both perfect and imperfect, and  present indicative.

He  takes the truth and  puts a little curlicue at the end.

2.Boom Boom Baby

Post-bellum northern New South Wales.

Capitalism’s golden age.

Born at a very young age,yours truly  grows up in a country town.

His cup runneth over.

His scorched earth mother and her mob.

His social and resourceful character. His stock in trade.

He walks the  political and religious divide.

The Devil’s Showground.

He gets the cuts.

Conadilly Street.

The ‘Doc’ takes on  Ming the Merciless.

The duellists stand their ground.

Home on the Range.

The bush poissonier and the gourmand

Cultural awakenings.

Raised on radio.Cockamanie comedy.

The day the workers called the tune.

Upstairs and downstairs at the pleasure dome.

Fifties film fare.

The story-within-a-story-within a story.

The cosy style of writing.

The woman in black.

The altar boys’ picnic.

Tender mercies.

A delicate matter.

The secular estate.

Treading the boards.

Strike up the band.

 On a Good Wicket.

The big blood sport.

Uncle Sam’s yard.

The big red dog digging in it.



3.Halcyon Days.

The  fresh faced plainsman makes it up the mountain range.

He comes of age in the cathedral city.

Like a duck to Lake Zot he takes to scholarship  .

He meets The Masters of Many Tongues.

With a touch of spice he spreads the word among our friends from the north.

Pearls of wisdom.