Dear Reader

If you enjoy this adventurous saga and find my mission worthwhile, you can help fuel it.

You can reward it or applaud it.

If you are pushed for time but not interest and means, fuel it by all means at:

All contributions gratefully received.

Otherwise as you peruse  sections of  this work in constant progress, you might  offer me constructive, critical feedback and technical assistance.

Spotting not so much typos but  glaring things of a literary nature that can be improved. Keeping questions such as the following in mind:

Are the language or ideas in places  routine, stilted, contrived, hackneyed, corny, maudlin, or clichéd. Are the emotions florid?

What things could I express better?

Does the story of my life and times  hold together?

Do I come across as  ingenuous?

Do I seem honest and sincere?

Am I convincing or entertaining where I try to be?

Is the story credible or far fetched in parts?

Are there gross inaccuracies, inconsistencies, repetitions or unnecessary and irrelevant parts?

Do I spell things out too forcefully?

Do I grab you you by the throat from the outset, hold your attention and never let you go?

Do I keep  you enthralled, even though the kettle is boiling over?

Is there a rhythm to the story? Does it flow?

Or does it plod?

Do some parts need re-working or would they be better left out?

Would some parts belong better thematically or sequentially elsewhere?

Would you kindly make any comments and suggestions?

They could be  about whether  it stirs  strong feelings of affection or sympathy ?

And of course  you can tell others about it.

This is a work in progress in the truest sense of the word.

However the foundations are well in place as extensions are added.

Mindful of the clock ticking ever faster for me, I’ve  spread myself rather widely in my urge to express what moves me  .

So if you bear that in mind and don’t mind encountering an uneven pathway, if putting up with a small number of typos and some patchiness is all the same to you,  you will find areas of interest.

I continue to fill out and edit the  never-ending story according to my capacity and what I’ve been thinking and doing.

You can always come back to it from time to time and see how it has developed.

This is a poor man’s website which has been fashioned from a blog.

However it does reflect the  impact of our revolutionary technology on writing.

This has allowed the story to be illustrated graphically.

The portal, 41 La Vida Poca Loca, a short entry, has a good balance of text and images.

Elsewhere the images are more scattered.

Then there is the employment of links connecting to other sections of the saga.

If you open the portal, ‘2 Lord Gym’ , you soon come to  ‘Chaplin’ underlined.

More links like this are constantly inserted throughout to offer the reader lots of options.

They lead  to  fruitful connections.

This ‘Living Story‘ gets better and takes even better shape over time. The spread  becomes more even,  smoother and connected.

You can dip in and out of the various portals [episodes] at your fancy, as if they are nothing more than a couple of bits of lint, to be brushed off a lapel.

When the various numbered portals open up, on the right side is a search button.

This device requires further development.

If you enter ‘Heinz ’, up will appear portals where Heinz Jacobius, a German refugee, appears.

Entering ‘Heinz’  gets you all portals where he appears.

 If you enter ‘Russel’ or ‘Russel Ward’, up will appear portals where Russel, an Australian historian, appears.

However it will also  get you ‘Brussels’.

Entering ‘brio’ takes you to where the word crops up but also to ‘lugubrious’ which obviously contains ‘brio’ within it.

The portals fall into one or other of the major literary genres.

They start with a sombre account of a neurological event.

Then follows a light hearted, humorous account of infirmity, arthritis and ailments by geriatric gymnasts.

These are followed chronologically by other lifetime episodes  considered thematically.

Enjoy this ongoing saga!

I wish you as much satisfaction reading it as I’ve had writing it.

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